Product Categories

Premixed with molasses, vitamins, and minerals to provide all the nutritional requirements to your horse.
Has no additives, giving the customer the option of adding supplements as necessary.


Advantages of Feeding Manchester Feeds:


  • More consistent feed. Rations can be accurately measured, virtually eliminating problems and diseases due to feeding errors.

  • Horses keep a trim belly, even when heavily fed.

  • Less dust (lessens instances of heaves).

  • Pellets are convenient. They are simple to transport and easy to store. They take up less space in the barn.

  • All pellets meet US Forest Service Certification claim: #04-17-00-1 for weed free feed.

  • Less waste equals less feed cost. By comparison, a noticeable percentage of hay is scattered and trampled.

  • Pellets are highly digestible, resulting in maximum utilization of ingredients.

  • You can say good-bye to hay bales full of weeds, mold, bits of wire, rocks, sand, and dead rodents.

  • Pellets are much less of a fire hazard than hay bales.

  • Older horses and horses with bad teeth thrive on pellets. Pellets can be soaked, which makes them much easier to chew and digest.

  • With Manchester Feeds brand hay pellets, you have consistent, high quality product with guaranteed analysis.

  • All of Manchester Feeds pellets are free of bentonite or any clay products used as binders.

  • Better digestion means less stall clean up of manure.

  • Animals cannot separate ingredients as they do with hay (e.g. bermuda hay from alfalfa hay).


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